#2 How to Choose to Live a Carefree Life

A few months ago I was introduced to the Oprah/Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience. I’m not really sure what my expectation of that experience was. Of course I have heard of Oprah Winfrey, I mean who hasn’t but, I had honestly never seen any of her shows so I didn’t have a personal understanding of why she is considered such a force of nature.

I downloaded the meditation series titled, “Become what you Believe” and I listen to it daily for 21 days. Sadly, in the free experience, each meditation disappears after five days so, by day 7 I had purchased the series because I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to listen to these meditations over and over again. Each morning  I would listen to a meditation and then as I got into my car to go to work I would  listen to them again. Obviously I didn’t meditate while driving in my car but, I would listen to the introduction where Deepak Chopra  describes the concept of that day’s meditation and suggests a thought to keep in mind for the day.image

It’s so helpful to be reminded of how the way we think impacts everything in our lives. Even though my life is committed to empowering others physically, spiritually and emotionally, I certainly don’t  go day-to-day without incident. Having that suggestion, that outside input on where to check your thoughts and how to steer them back into the right direction, was refreshing. (That’s why people use coaches right? ) So after listening to each of these 21 meditations repeatedly I decided to invest in a second series titled “Creating Abundance”.

In this series there was a particular meditation that lightened my heart and  has brought me back time and again to remind myself to live carefree. In this meditation, as in all others, Deepak offers a centering thought for the day that reminds the listener to be lighthearted and to trust in the universe and know that all is well. This sounds like such a simple task however, when you’re thinking about things like the choices your children are making, the property taxes coming due, the finances flowing out faster than they’re flowing in, whether or not the aches and pains you’re feeling are cancer coming back, being carefree it’s not really that simple…or is it?

I was once told, by a very wise Yogi, that I could choose to drop my anger at any time. I debated this of course, because we often are attached to our anger, as I was. I told him that it wasn’t that easy and that sometimes you have a right to be angry. So, he offered me the analogy of getting into a car and heading off to work feeling pissed off at the world for whatever your teenager or your spouse pulled before you walked out the door, or maybe you’re just having a bad hair day. But, once you get into those doors at work and the receptionist greets you or a customer walks in, you put on your smiling  face and you proceed with your work happily and gracefully.  So, where did the anger go? You dropped it. You left it somewhere else and maybe later in the day or on your way home you’ll decide to pick it up again but, you did make a conscious choice to drop it.carefree

Remembering this experience I started thinking that maybe I could just make that same choice to be carefree. I could  choose to drop the worry and pick up the lightheartedness. I could say to myself, “I choose to be carefree and to trust that all is well.” This is exactly what I did and what I have been doing, and it’s working.

There are some things in my life that many people might consider to be tumultuous.  But, as I stand here writing this, at this very moment I am healthy, my family is healthy, the mortgage is paid, the sun is shining, I have a job, and the list could go on for a very long time actually. Now, I fully realize that in the next moment anything can change but, that doesn’t mean that it could change negatively, expect miracles right? Things change every day, all the time and we have to find a way to live each moment with lightness and a carefree attitude because it truly is the only moment  we have, as far as we know, in this life.

How many times have you experienced a situation and thought,  “This is making me feel physically ill.” There are many studies that show that it actually is making you physically ill. Stress and negative thoughts have been shown to contribute illness. Your negative thoughts do create chemical changes in your bodies they can undermine your health. Of course everyone acts differently to different types and amounts of stress and some people can take more than others but, why take it at all if you have a choice to be carefree?

Remember that you are the mountain and just as the seasons change on the mountain, trees grow and fall, the mountain remains steady and strong in the midst of all of the changes.image

Why not choose to be carefree? Give it a try for a week.  Every time you catch yourself in some kind of a spin worrying about where things are going to come from or where things are going, take a minute and just stop. Say to yourself, “I am lighthearted and carefree. I can trust in the universe and I know that all is well.” Then, don’t try to talk yourself out of it. Keep saying it over and over and over until you feel your heart lighten up, just a little bit. Let me know how it works for you.

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